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Dear Families

As Franklin Roosevelt said, we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build a youth for the future. This is one of the thoughts that laid the foundation to build an organization that is solely for the youth. It inspires the youth, ignites their talents and takes us forward to an ideal place where our culture and tradition continue to blossom for our younger generations.

It is not too long ago that the current young generation came over to the US, but despite our parents support, it has been observed that we are losing sight of our language, tradition and culture. Though we have a lot of passion for our homeland, we are now in a situation where we are not contributing what we are really able to. This is because of several reasons the right motivation, a collective effort with a common goal and a common platform where similar enthusiasts can meet and work together. These are just a few of the reasons that come to mind. As the passion towards our motherland never ends and as the generations are growing up here in the US, there is a need for an organization where all the Indian youth can meet, share thoughts and work together in organizing activities that uplift our social responsibility of carrying forward our rich culture and tradition. From this stand point evolved the idea of an independent organization for Indian youth, IYANA Indian Youth Association of North America.

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. This includes inspiring them and diverting their talents toward the right cause. I am backed by several prominent community leaders and a number of individuals in various capacities to move forward with this goal of bringing the Indian youth together on to a common platform with a common goal. The goal is bridging the gap between generations socially, culturally and traditionally. We are growth bound. We intend to set up activities in order to meet our goals. Once the agenda is on track with the required momentum, I am sure it will move forward for the future younger generations. IYANA also plans to encourage social and cultural activities and conduct cultural competitions at various levels in the United States. IYANA already started campaigning to provide scholarships for students in the US. In the event of a natural calamity or social need, IYANA is committed to conduct fund raising programs and extend help to the needy through the proper channel. IYANA's motto is two sided - one being our rich Indian culture and our tradition in the US and the other being social educational programs back in India and helping communities including education, health and medicine.

The youth has unlimited capabilities and mountainous strength. Our goals may look simple but the outcome is going to be magnanimous. With absolute optimism and very high spirits I am glad to announce the inauguration of IYANA and seek blessings and support from each one of you.

Praise Youth and it will prosper.

Best Regards,
Lakshmi Chundu

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For information about sponsoring 2017 IYANA 11th Annual Youth Convention, Please contact IYANA by email (team@iyana.org) or by phone (714) 685-1130.